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Who doesn't love games

Free Game a Day logo

Free Game a Day


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Free Game a Day gives away free PC games AND Mac games. Usually Steam keys, but also Origin, Battlenet and Rockstar keys.

Every first of the month they will draw a winner at random, and post the winners on their social channels with screenshots to prove it. So keep an eye on their socials and don’t miss anything.

Why do they give free games away do you think? Short answer: This is their way of contributing, and they LOVE Games!

Old vs New logo

The old logo was way too intense, there was so much going on. Free Game a Day asked me to simplify the logo but keep the current color palette.


Old logo


New logo

There are two versions of the new logo. One version with the free bubble outside the globe, and one version with free bubble inside the globe. The two versions are shown side by side below

Free bubble inside the globe
Free bubble outside the globe

Colors and gradients

There are 3 base colors. Derived from those 3 basic colors, there are 3 gradients. Finally, the option to apply a grain overlay where necessary.

Blue Gradient
Grain example
Red Gradient
Yellow Gradient

Pachinko characters

The winner of a free game is chosen by Pachinko. Pachinko (パチンコ) is a mechanical game that originated in Japan and is considered an arcade game, but much more often a slot machine.

so these guys randomly pick a winner

Character 01
Character 02
Character 03
Character 04
Character 05
Character 06
Character 07
Character 08

A kickass designer with no limits

Peter has a very fine creative energy that I like to have around me in the process of a project where everything is still open. It feels like there are literally no limits to what can be made.

I have seen Peter work on mega creative projects such as games and NFTs but also on very serious projects for hospitals and universities. He seems to be able to do anything.

If you are looking for a kickass designer or someone for your thinktank I would definitely give Peter a call!

Photo of David
David Jupijn
Owner and builder of your next (web) app! @ Rising Step
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