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Pixel perfect Development

A designer with a phone, tablet and desktop computer



  • Concept
  • Illustration
  • UX Design
  • UI Design

Monocle is a collaboration platform for webdevelopment teams, to work more efficiently and communicate better.

Monocle helps teams to deliver pixel perfect results, faster and easier. You can use Monocle cross-platform and cross-browser, which makes it suitable for every (web) development project

Using Monocle will help communication between all stakeholders within a project.

Magical colors

A nice color palette with vibrant colors and lovely gradients.

#ffc62e - #19647e
#c3254e - #f8c12d
#12b3d8 - #ff6e6e

Monocle logo

The 3 o's are exactly what this application is all about. They are only slightly offset from each other. Just short of pixel precision.

Logo on a white background
Logo on a dark background


Each persona has it's own illustration. The people who use this application are developers, designers, testers, clients and anonymous users. Do you recognize the different personas?

Persona Developer
Persona Designer
Persona Tester
Persona Client
Persona Anonymous user

Countdown.. 14 days.. 7.. 3.. 2.. 1.. ZERO!

Fourteen days before the big reveal, Illustrations showing the number of days until day zero!

Countdown: 14..
Countdown: 7..
Countdown: 3..
Countdown: 2..
Countdown: 1..
Countdown: 0..

Promotional items

And much more cool stuff...

Designer card
Client card
Developer card
Tester card
Socials ad
Maze in Pixelmania land
Pixel brains
Socials ad
Socials ad
Support sheet
Socials ad
Monocle application
Monocle application

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